Charter Members

Paul and Patti Bierley*

Dennis and Deborah Bonanno*

William and Veronica Conrad*

Mr. Douglas Dobson*

Richard and Paula Eddy*

Mr. Albert Filano*

Francis and Carolyn Grandinetti

Madeline Guthrie

Hamlin and Sally Johnson

Tom and Dottie Kane*

Harold and Marguerite Lenze

Mr. Ramsey Llewellyn*

Jake and Mary Meyer*

Christine C. Muroski

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Renaud*

Robert and Elizabeth Roberts*

Dr. John E. Schloder*

Mr. Dauer Stackpole*

Mrs. Doris Stackpole*

Larry and Donna Suglia

George and Bea Terbovich*

Ms. Laurey Stackpole Turner*

Tom and Rita Mary Valentine

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Whiteman*

Mr. Gus Wolf


* Indicate Charter Membership

List as of December 2016