Give Where You Live: Your Hometown Advantage

There are many benifits to giving in your homewtown, such as:

  1. Tax Advantage: As a public charity, the Foundation offers the highest level of tax benefits, even higher than a private foundation. A gift of cash is deductible up to 50% of adjusted gross income. Gifts of appreciated property are deductible up to 30% of adjusted gross income
  2. Permanence: Gifts can give forever because the Foundation invests the charitable capital, making certain resources available for the future needs of area non-profits
  3. Simplicity: Named endowments can be created in a matter of minutes and with no cost.
  4. Flexibility: Individuals, families, and corporations can make gifts, current or deferred, to benefit elk county. While our main line of business is endowment building, it is also possible to create funds that spend a percentage of principle or simply "pass thought" 100% of the gift to a deserving charity.
  5. Cost Effectiveness: A named endowment with the foundation pays no tax on investment income. All named endowments are covered under a single and simplified 990. A single audit will cover all funds. The end result is an increased stream of income available to area charities.
  6. Security: The directors of the Foundation are of the highest caliber. clients can be assured the Foundation will be true to their charitable objectives for generations to come.
  7. Guidance: The exceptional leadership and experience ensures that the Community Foundation will walk beside donors as they travel on their path to tomorrow.
  8. Responsibility: The Foundations investment committee establishes general investment policy and closely tracks and monitors performance. ASsets are invested to produce a regular income for grant making while maximizing asset growth and security of principle. Results are annually compared with national data available from the Council on Foundations

To find out more about your ometown advantages and reaons that you should give though a commnity foundation, Contact Us.