Previous Grant Awards

Organization/Fund Purpose Amount
Total Granted To Date   $1,200,522
Rita Garner Mass Fund Christmas Roses $125
Rita Garner Mass Fund Sacred Heart and St. Marys Masses $150
EITC Donations 2010 SMAHS Digital Streaming $6,919
EITC Donations 2010 RAHS Digital Streaming $5,623
EITC Donations 2010 JAHS Digital Streaming $5,623
Charlotte C. Dobson Fund Ridgway Area United Community Fund $2,000
Charlotte C. Dobson Fund YMCA Operating $1,000
St. Marys Public Library Fund Operating Expenses $523
Kiwanis-Children's Program Children's Program at St. Marys Library $488
Boys and Girls Club Fund Annual Endowment Grant $532
Doris Stackpole Fund Women Who Care Endowment $216
Bob and Betsy Roberts Fund St. Marys Catholic Cemetary $501
Charles and Doris Scholder Fund St. Marys Public Library $652
Ham and Sally Johnson Family Fund Camp Mission Meadow $750
Ham and Sally Johnson Family Fund Shiloh Presbyterian Church $200
Christian Food Bank Fund Annual Endowment Grant $435
Dennis and Deborah Bonnano Fund Jay Township Volunteer Fire Department $500
Dennis and Deborah Bonanno Fund Bennet's Valley Senior Center $500
Fund of the Future 10th Anniversary    
Michael Buchheit Ridgway YMCA $250
Michael Buccheit American Red Cross $250
Mary Agnes Marshall St. Marys Christian Food Bank $500
Bob Roberts St. Marys Catholic Cemetary $500
Harrison and Muriel Dauer Stackpole Fund    
SMCEDS 3 yr $10,000 Third Installment $3,400
St. Marys Christian Food Bank Holiday Boxes $5,500
Boys and Girls Club Unrestricted $2,000
United Way Complete Goal $4,000
Elk Regional Health Center Captial Building Campaign $5,000
Letters From Home Copier $2,500
Elk County Humane Society Medical Room Equipment $6,000
Boys and Girls Club Maintenance Staff $1,500
Salvation Army Energy Assistance $6,000
Life and Independence for Today Assistive Technology for Resource Center $7,000
St. Marys Police Department DARE $2,800
Borougy of Ridgway Charitable Grants    
Dickinson Mental Health Center's Crossroads Computers $2,000
Girl Scouts Troop 20260 Summer Youth Program $250
Main Street Program Ice Rink $1,500
The River in Ridgway Children's Room $1,500
YMCA of Ridgway Resurfacing Parking Lot $8,000
Main Street Program Christmas Light Installation $1,000
Women Who Care Fund    
Salvation Army King's Table $3,000
CAPSEA Carpeting $6,000
Elk Regional Health Center Stereotactic Biopsy Table $3,000
Elk County Development Fund    
Jay Township Volunteer Fire Department New Utility Service Vehicle $5,000
Dickinson Mental Health Center 2 Desktop Comptuers $1,676
Girl Scout's of Western Pennsylvania Recruitment Programs $1,000
Highland Township Recreation Picnic Tables $500
Elk Regional Health Center Capital Building Campaign $4,000
St. Marys Economic Development Center Revolving Loans $9,000
Ridgway Area High School Robotics Equipment






2010 Total