Previous Grant Awards

2012 Grants    
Name Purpose Amount
Harrison and Muriel Dauer Stackpole Fund    
St. Marys Servicemen's Detail Monument $5,000
Christian Food Bank Holiday Boxes $5,500
4-H Camp Through PSU Day Camp Transportation and Lunch $1,000
St. Marys United Way Bridge to Goal $12,000
Boys and Girls Club Unresticted $2,000
Elk Regional Health Center Capital Campaign $5,000
Boys and Girls Club Operations $10,000
Community Education Council Education Workshop $1,500
Elk County Humane Society Operations $12,000
Community Nurses, INC Memory Bear Program $3,810
Kaulmont Park/Recreation Board Drainage Repair $10,000
Elk County Development Fund    
St. Leo School Rosetta Stone Software License $2,100
Ridgway Township Batting Cage at Sandy Park $2,500
Benzinger Township Golf Association Foundation $1,700
Community Nurses, INC GPRS Units for Telehealth $2,000
St. marys EDC Revovling Loan Program $4,000
ECCHS Band Boosters Expand 4th Grad Program to St. Leos $500
Mt. Zion Historical Society Civil War Monument $1,000
Elk Regional Health Center Capital Campaign $4,000
ECCHS Ipad Initative $1,000
County of Elk Recycling Office Heating for Building $3,000
Dickinson Center, INC, Elkwood Arts Spark Detection System $4,000
City of St. Marys Heritage Preservation Group Downtown Preservation $3,500
Johnsonburg Borough Playground Improvements $3,000
Ridgway Borough Charitable Fund    
Elkland Search and Rescue Equipment $2,200
Heritage Council Gazebo $1,000
Elk County Humane Society Operations $2,000
Ridgway Free Library Technology Updates $4,900
Ridgway YMCA Shape the Future Capital Campaign $7,000
Women Who Care Fund    
Elk County Children and Youth Bed and Linen $6,000
Guardian Angels Diaper Program $1,500
Johnsonburg Borough East End Part $2,500
4-H Penn State Robotics Club $6,000
Donor Advised Funds    
Ham and Sally Johnson Family Fund Camp Mission Meadow $1,000
Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department Fund Rescue Pumper $30,000
SMCESS Edownment Fund Unrestricted $428
Harold and Midge Lenze Fund SMCESS Tutition Assistance $28,109
Jake and Mary Meyer Fund Sacred Heart Rennovation Project $250
Charles and Doris Scholder Memorial Fund Community Nurses Support Services $648
Bob and Betsy Roberts Fund St. Marys Catholic Cemetary $498
LE Whiteman Family Fund Make a Wish/ Disney Wish $500
Dennis and Deborah Bonanno DA Fund St. Josephs Cemetary $500
Boys and Girls Club Annual Endowment Grant $540
St. Marys Public Library Unrestricted $592
Rita Garner Mass Fund Sacred Heart and St. Marys Masses $275
EITC Donations 2012 SMAHS Digital Streaming $8,933
EITC Donations 2012 RAHS Digital Streaming $8,133
EITC Donations 2012 JAHS Digital Streaming $6,534
2012 Scholarships   $85,186
Total Grants 2012   $303,837