Previous Grant Awards

GKN Pass Through Elk County Humane Society Building $1,500
Katrina Fund Assoc. For Excellence in Ed./ Book for Schools $1,501
Boys & Girls Club Annual Grant $605
H.C. Stackpole Boys & Girls Club $2,000
H.C. Stackpole St. Marys United Way $9,200
Bonannao Fund Elk County Humane Society Building $500
ECDAC Fund Alcohol and Drug Abuse Service. Inc $2,886
ECCOTA ECCOTA Annual Grant $265
St. Marys Christian Food Bank Fund St. Marys Chrisian Food Bank Annual Grant $467
Doris Stackpole's Donor Advised Fund CAPSEA $929
St. Marys Public Library Fund Operating Expenses $593
Kiwanis- Children's Program Children's Program at St. Marys Public Library $553
Elk County Development Fund    
Letters from Home Program Boot Camp program $1,500
St. Marys Economic Dev.Org. Revolving loan program $10,000
Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Elk Expo Promote tourism in Elk County $3,000
ECCOTA Missoula Theater program $2,200
Osram/Sylvania Pass through Youth Center Inc. $10,033
EITC Donations SMAHS Digital Streaming $7,245
EITC Donations RAHS Digital Streaming $4,845
H.C. Stackpole Youth Center Inc. $5,000
Elk County Development Fund    
City of St. Marys Shade Tree Comm. Memorial Park Tree Planting $2,500
Johnsonburg Community Center Center Roof Repair $5,000
Dickinson Mental Health Center Elkwood Arts Computer System $5,000
Charlotte C. Dobson Fund YMCA $1,000
Charlotte C. Dobson Fund WPSU $879
2006 Scholarships   $53,930