Benefits To Giving Though the Your Community Foundation

Community Impact 

Your gift will keep on giving. Your principle will continue to grow and benefit our community for years to come.  Your gift will keep pace with changing times. The community foundation’s board of directors will oversee your gift, and make sure it will be used to meet the current needs. 

Responsible Investing

The Community Foundation exists to serve our region in perpetuity, growing each year, in order to provide an ever-increasing endowment for our communities. Our investment policy calls for the foundation to invest assets to maintain, and if possible, increase their purchasing power over time. The Investment Committee oversees the financial management of the funds.


We take care of the administrative tasks and paperwork associated with giving. We process grants, send grants checks and award letters, and we are always glad to prepare statements about your fund activity. As a donor, your community foundation can consult with you on your philanthropic needs and provide you with a range of services such as:

This combination of convenience, flexibility, local support, tax advantages, long-term stability and grant making, make community foundations the fastest-growing segment of American philanthropy today.

To learn more about the benefits of establishing a fund at the Community Foundation, please contact us.