What ever your plan is for giving, the Community Foundation provides flexibility and simplicity in charitable giving. Our many giving options can help you meet your philanthropic and estate planning goals. Giving through the Foundation is as easy as A, B, C...

Arrive at your estate planning and charitable giving objectives.

What sort of tax benefits are your looking for? What area in your community would you like to impact? Would you like your family to be involved in your charitable giving?

By preference

Chose from several types of fund options after you have determined your level of grant-making involvement.

Choices range from direct involvement with a Donor Advised Fund to the Fund for the Future, where the Board of Directors directs your gift to the area of the County where the need is the greatest. 

Contribute to your fund amounts you determine. 

Your gifts can be given at specific intervals, or your contribution can be a one-time gift which will generate a specific amount for giving on an annual basis.

From here on, the Community Foundation takes care of government reporting, all grant applications and check disbursements, as well as all auditing and accounting.

The Community Foundation is here to help you give where you live by making giving as easy as A, B, C.